What is Sword?

Modern WordPress development has been around for a while with software like Bedrockopen in new window.

Sword takes an alternative approach. Instead of being WordPress with extra features and new file structure, it's Symfony embedding WordPress. All WordPress pages and logic, including WP-CLI, run through Symfony.

Welcome in a new era.

Get started

Please see installation page for instructions on creating a new project.


  • PHP >= 8.1 (latest version for new projects)
  • Symfony >= 6.1 (latest version for new projects)
  • WordPress >= 5.6 (latest version for new projects)
  • WordPress files hidden from the web server, one /public/index.php entrypoint
  • Bcrypt password hashing by default, without plugin
  • Composer-based WordPress updates and vendor dependencies
  • Dependency injection for WordPress code
  • Synchronized auth between WordPress and Symfony
  • Compatible with most WordPress themes and plugins
  • Possibility to use both Symfony and WordPress assets in your theme
  • Docker development and production ready environments
  • WP-CLI as Symfony command

Project structure

The project structure is the same as a standard Symfony project, with a new wp folder containing WordPress core, theme, plugins and uploads.

├── assets
├── bin
├── config
├── migrations
├── public
│  └── index.php
├── src
│  ├── Controller
│  ├── Entity
│  └── Repository
├── templates
├── tests
├── translations
├── var
└── wp
   ├── content
   │  ├── plugins
   │  ├── themes
   │  └── uploads
   ├── core
   └── wp-config.php